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Feature Artist – Rachel Baldacchino – Shinto Tattoo Gallery Geelong Victoria



Rachel is just 21 years young and is rapidly making quite a name for herself in the Australian Tattoo world, currently working at Shinto Tattoo Gallery in Geelong,  Victoria. 

Rachel has been tattooing now as a professional for  2 years.

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Rachel’s Favourite styles reflect her inspiration and fondness of such artists as Boris ( Hungary ), Rich Pineda, Paul Acker, Bob Tyrell, Jason Stewart, Benjamin Laukis, and Mike Devries just to name a few. Each displaying their own styles and focusing on the fine lines and extreme detail, Rachel takes from each artist and puts her own spin on it to make up her own unique style.




Indian Chief Tattoo

Rachel appears to steer towards the more realistic styles with loads of detail and fine lines.

Tiger Tattoo

Frankenstein Tattoo

Mic Tattoo

RB Tattoo

Find Rachel on instagram @rachel_tattooist

Joker Tattoo